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Hungary MedTech and Health IT

The Ministry of Human Capacities is aiming to dedicate USD 2.18 billion for MedTech and Health IT development in Hungary until 2026.

Healthcare-related technology development has become a priority sector of the Hungarian Government. The focus of the new healthcare culture will be on preventative measures and promoting a health-conscious lifestyle to extend the average age of Hungarians, which is currently one of the lowest in Europe at 76 years.  

The “For Healthy Budapest” program will start this year (2020) and run until December 2026. The program’s focus is on renewing healthcare services and technologies used in public hospitals and polyclinics, and reducing waiting time for surgeries. The central budget will allocate HUF 700 billion (USD 2.18 billion) for the program.  

The Minister of Human Capacities announced a budget allocation of HUF 8.3 billion (USD 25 million) to be set aside for MedTech and HealthIT development in central and regional public hospitals and polyclinics in Hungary within the program. MedTech technologies include diagnostics, laboratory, surgery, intensive therapy and anesthesiology equipment and necessary IT support to serve the equipment. MedTech procurement will be realized via centralized tenders.

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