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New funding for Hungary’s Healthcare Network offers opportunities for U.S. healthcare and MedTech companies.

Hungary’s minister of Human Capacities has announced that Budapest healthcare service providers will receive HUF 10,2bn (USD 34m) funding to improve services and medical technology background in healthcare institutions in Budapest between 2021-2024.

The funding is aimed at improving basic healthcare service and outpatient services to reduce 60-200 day wait time for certain medical interventions.

The government decree 1439/2021 (VII.6.) was published in the Hungarian Gazette 127/2021 edition. 

The funding will be distributed among in- and outpatient clinics and hospitals in the 23 districts of Budapest. Areas to be covered will be MedTech-related developments, digital healthcare, refurbishments of healthcare facilities. MedTech includes diagnostic imaging, radiology and emergency room equipment. Digitalisation and telemedicine, or telehealth, are also priorities for the sector. The role of e-health helps to meet Hungary’s need to expand the healthcare infrastructure, while improving services and personnel conditions.

Local district governments will receive between HUF 80 million and 1,500 million funding (USD 267,000 and 5 million).

U.S. companies that establish a local presence or identify local partnerships are best positioned to participate in the health and MedTech-related tenders. For additional information, please contact: Csilla Viragos, Commercial Specialist at