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Waste Management and Recycling Hong Kong China

Hong Kong Waste Management

To address Hong Kong’s waste management crisis, the Hong Kong government recently published Waste Blueprint 2035, which outlines specific steps the territory will take to dramatically increase recycling and materials recovery, reduce waste flows into landfills and ultimately reach a zero-landfill target.  

The recently announced 2022-23 budget bolstered this effort by allocating US$670 million for waste management programs, in addition to US$130 million to establish a recycling fund that will assist Hong Kong companies/industries to procure advanced equipment and technologies associated with recycling and waste management. 

The Hong Kong government is focused on procuring advanced technologies and equipment in the following areas:

  • Waste-to-resources/energy systems and technologies
  • Advanced refuse transfer station technologies.
  • Landfill management/extension and optimization technologies
  • High efficiency incinerators and associated technologies.
  • Waste recycling and on-site separation systems using AI and robotic sorting technologies.
  • Landfill and waste-water treatment systems
  • Smart collection and transportation systems
  • How to Compete and Win Contracts in Hong Kong:

Local Hong Kong firms are keen to engage with U.S. waste management and associated companies in the areas highlighted above. 

As most contracts in this sector require a local agent/partner to implement/oversee a given project, the U.S. Commercial Service can play an integral role in helping U.S. firms to meet these local Hong Kong companies to form partnerships for bidding on government contracts financed through the two schemes outlined above.

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