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Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology

Hong Kong has an ambitious plan for becoming an international innovation and technology hub. 

In his latest Budget Speech, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po stated, “Continuous promotion of innovation and technology development is an important strategy to foster a more vibrant and diversified economy in Hong Kong”. In this regard, the Hong Kong government pledged that over USD2.05 billion would be allocated to help turn the city into an international innovation and technology (I&T) hub and as a means to attract more investors and talent to the city. 

InvestHK, the Hong Kong Government department responsible for attracting foreign direct investment to the city, underscored Secretary Chan’s comments in a recent call with the Commercial Service in Hong Kong. They highlighted Hong Kong’s advanced ICT infrastructure development in the following five areas that will serve to help Hong Kong achieve its digital transformation goals. 

  • Data Centres – Hong Kong’s high-tech infrastructure, tech professionals, reliable power supply, and enforcement of data privacy and security is ideal for establishing high-end regional data centres. 

  • Big Data & Analytics – Hong Kong is already a well-established data hub for key industries in the city including finance, logistics, trade, and retail.   

  • Cloud Technology – Hong Kong enjoys strong demand for cloud-based services, especially from the finance and manufacturing industries. The territory also acts as a launchpad for expansion into the greater China and Indo-Pacific markets.  

  • Software & Services –Hong Kong’s rigorous intellectual property protection laws and tech-savvy consumers provide companies with the perfect testbed for their greater-China market development efforts. 

  • Telecommunications – Hong Kong’s telecommunications market has been fully liberalised and there are no restrictions on foreign ownership or limits to the number of market operators. 

The recent issuance of Cushman Wakefield’s 2022 Global Data Center Market Comparison report, furthermore, saw Hong Kong’s ranking leap to #6 noting the territory offers a robust development pipeline, excellent networks, reliable power supply, complete telecommunications infrastructure, and low risk of natural disasters. Hong Kong’s low tax rates also gives it an edge over other cities in the region.  

ICT-related Opportunities in Hong Kong: 

One of the best sources for governmental ICT-related tenders is the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO). Interested parties may register there to become official suppliers and receive all tender-related notices. The latest tenders are also published on the official website.  

The Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), a government-led research organization, also publishes open tenders via its website. Most recently, the Institute published a tender for the provision of a Human Resource Management System Solution.  

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