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Opportunities for U.S. edtech suppliers: The Hong Kong Government’s Quality Education Fund (QEF) provides annual grants of approximately $30 million annually to support education programs for Hong Kong’s K-12 schools and local companies.  In this regard, the QEF encourages projects that support innovation and/or new development, enrichment of students’ learning experiences, and school-based initiatives that would suit the specific needs of students, teachers and contexts of individual schools as well as the school sector in accordance with education policies.   

Topical Areas and Activities of the QEF 

Areas or activities under a project that could be funded by QEF may include but are not limited to the following:  

(i) trying out new pedagogy;  

(ii) developing school-based curriculum and/or assessment;  

(iii) integrating information technology with school-based learning activities, such as blended learning, flip-classroom;  

(iv) organizing “life-wide” learning activities for students, including extra-curricular activities/educational visits 

(v) providing support services to cater for diverse needs of students;  

(vi) offering school-based professional learning opportunities for teachers, librarians and principals; and/or  

(vii) undertaking educational research of different scales, including basic research that would have bearings on practices, action research, applied research and evaluation to address specific issues in education (in partnership with schools).  

QEF Project Themes  

For applications for grants exceeding $25,000 USD, the QEF will give priority consideration if they fall under any of the following themes:  

(1) STEM Education  

(2) Information Technology in Education  

(3) Assessment Literacy  

(4) Life-wide Learning  

(5) Positive Values  

(6) Students’ Balanced Development  

(7) Effective Leadership and School Management 

Working with Local Edtech Distributors: 

U.S. edtech companies have an opportunity to tap into investments and new growth in many these areas by working with local edtech distributors, who often advise local schools when they apply for QEF funds.  These distributors are familiar with U.S. edtech solutions and are open to additional U.S. supplier relationships. Local edtech distributors are also a great resource for U.S. firms interesting in the Hong Kong market as they can: 

  • Help U.S. companies localize their product application and brand strategy. 
  • Provide technical support to schools that buy U.S. edtech solutions to ensure smooth delivery of solutions. 
  • Work with government educational organizations to organize events to promote edtech solutions to school officials, parents, and students. 
  • Build strong relationships with principals of local schools, who are key decision makers for purchasing edtech solutions, 

Upcoming Market Entry Opportunity:  

Hong Kong’s Learning and Teaching Expo will take place in Hong Kong on December 7-9, 2022.  As many local schools and decision makers attend the expo, U.S. companies can use the show to introduce their brands, network, and showcase their solutions to the more than  15,000 educators from across the globe who are expected to attend.  For U.S. edtech companies that wish to be represented at this expo but are unable to travel to Hong Kong, the U.S. Commercial Service in Hong Kong can assist in promoting their products during the show.  

For more information about this show, or for engaging local education-related companies on QEF opportunities, please contact Joanna Lam, education specialist for the U.S. Commercial Service in Hong Kong at