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Hong Kong $6.5 Billion Infrastructure Opportunities

Project opportunity for U.S. design & construction companies. 

In November 2021, the Hong Kong Government awarded a tender to Henderson Land Development Co, one of Hong Kong’s largest developers, to develop a prime harborfront site into an iconic landmark in Central, which is the heart of Hong Kong’s business district.  The focal point will be the reconstructed Star Ferry Clock Tower, which will create a visual connection to Hong Kong’s maritime history.   

This ambitious project has three buildings planned for development – one multifunctional and two office buildings – which Henderson will build in two phases.  The project will be part of Henderson’s vision for a “Bridge” that will help connect the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Tamar Park & Cultural Plaza, and the ferry piers to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park.  The site will contain green public spaces and other amenities to entice visitors and locals alike to enjoy Hong Kong. 

Henderson’s proposed $6.5 billion budget for the project offers a significant opportunity for U.S. businesses in the design and construction sector, particularly for companies with green, innovative, and high-tech solutions.   

U.S. Business Opportunities:  

Henderson Land Development informed the U.S. Commercial Service in Hong Kong that the project will include mega glass structure, and that glass curtain wall products will be required.  Henderson has expressed interest in receiving proposals from U.S. companies that can provide glass curtain wall products. The U.S. Commercial Service in Hong Kong can assist in making the appropriate introductions.   For more information about the design and construction sector in Hong Kong, please refer to the Hong Kong Country Commercial Guide.    

For upcoming government Tender Notices for design and construction projects in Hong Kong, please refer to the latest notices from the Civil Engineering and Development Department and the Architectural Services Department.  If you are interested in obtaining detailed information on any of these tenders, please contact Ms. Kitty Leung at: