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Honduras Security Technology

Honduras has seen a 33% decline in the homicide rate since 2013, a significant advancement towards the goal of reducing violent crime in the region.

National investments to strengthen domestic security have been mostly focused on manpower and physical assets, now technology is starting to take center stage. Urban centers are increasingly becoming technologically advanced, and there is a need for data collection and information analysis. The goal is to predict trends and develop strategic programs to address the social and economic repercussions of the global pandemic.

Further progress will require more specific interventions that integrate evidence processing at a technology level that is currently underdeveloped. The use of cloud-based services will allow reliable access to crime records, biometrics, and complementary data for evidence collection. Honduran authorities require technology solutions that integrate and cross reference information with other national entities. The integration of data between judicial, education and health authorities among other systems, will allow for higher levels of disaggregation, and will aid in the deterrence of criminal activity in Honduras.

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