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Honduras Palmerola International Airport

December 11, 2021 marked the opening of the new International Airport of Palmerola (XPL), aimed at becoming the main gateway to Honduras and an important logistics hub for the Central America region.  Located in the Comayagua valley and the CA-5 highway between the cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula (70 kilometers north of the capital city), Palmerola is part of an infrastructure development strategy to help expand and modernize the country‚Äôs logistics platform. 

This public private partnership project entailed an investment of approximately USD 200 million throughout a 6-year construction period, designed to replace Toncontin International Airport for greater capacity and expanded international commercial air transportation services to Tegucigalpa. Toncontin, which serviced the capital city for many decades since the mid 1930s, was ranked as one of the most extreme airports for commercial aviation due to its proximity to mountainous terrain on landing approach, coupled with runway limitations and high operation costs. Without those limitations and equipped according to modern airport design, engineering, and airport safety standards, the new XPL airport anticipates to efficiently handle approximately 1.5 million passengers on an annual basis .

At present, Palmerola supports 53 weekly flights, including 35 direct flights to and from the United States of America. As passenger traffic grows and airport facilities and terminal works are completed or expanded, the new Palmerola International Airport is expected to attract new opportunities for travelers, commercial air transportation services, and suppliers of ground support equipment and services.
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