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Honduras 5G Emerging Market

Honduras is at the doorsteps of its 5G transition and opportunities exist for U.S. companies. The Honduran government has created a Digital Government regulatory entity aimed at developing the road map for digital transformation and standardization. The digital initiative Master Plan outlines the roadmap for this technological modernization process. This presents U.S. companies with significant opportunities in both the public and private sectors to offer 5G solutions, data protection, end user privacy and operational transparency, and related investment.

At this time, non-U.S. competitors are leading the 5G charge in Honduras and according to June 2020 reports they are already in the testing phase. The Honduran government is very willing to connect with U.S. companies to learn more about their solutions and, most importantly, connect with those that can provide robust cybersecurity solutions over any IT infrastructure currently being implemented. 

U.S. 5G solutions providers that integrate a strong cybersecurity policy will find a receptive market in both public and private sectors of Honduras. 

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