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Guatemala Fintech Opportunities

U.S. financial technology companies will find opportunities in digital payments, digital credit/lending, and corporate finance management in Guatemala.

The Guatemalan fintech industry grew by 416.7% growth in the last five years increasing from 5 to 31 fintech companies.  Within these 31 fintechs, there are three areas of opportunity for American companies: digital payments, digital credit/lending and corporate finance management. 

The current market for these companies is 189,000 users, divided into two types of business models: B2B and B2C. The B2B platform registers 181,844 active users and the B2C platform has 7,288 clients that can be divided into three main categories:  banking consumers, banked SMEs and people who do not maintain a bank account. but the vast majority are financial services that are outside the banking system. 

The main opportunity for U.S. companies is offering affordable tools that can be used in rural Guatemala, since currently 97% of the local fintechs service the Guatemala City metropolitan exclusively. The Guatemalan Fintech Association seeks to position the Guatemalan ecosystem at the international level and maintains that there is plenty of opportunity for growth.

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