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Greece Healthcare Private Health Initiatives Expand

In Greece, two important non-profit organizations, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and the Onassis Foundation, are executing projects to improve the country’s healthcare system. These projects, which will vastly expand the country’s private hospital infrastructure, could offer opportunities for U.S. products and solutions providers. 

Creation of Three New Hospitals
The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) is contributing $500 million to strengthening the private healthcare system in Greece. Through this donation, the Foundation aims to expand access to health, strengthen the quality of care for all, and empower providers on the front lines. The Health Initiative funded by the Foundation brings together the Ministry of Health, and other Greek government agencies. All projects will be given to the Greek government to own and manage following completion. 

As part of this initiative, SNF will design, construct and outfit three new state-of-the-art hospitals in Komotini, Thessaloniki, and Sparta. The contract for the start of construction for the new public hospitals was signed in August 2023. The contract includes the creation of a new University Pediatric Hospital in Thessaloniki and two new General Hospitals in Komotini and Sparta, which will be delivered fully equipped in order to strengthen the public health structures in Greece. For more information visit Infrastructure projects.

Procurement of equipment
The new state-of-the-art hospitals will be equipped with innovative devices and technology. In addition to the new hospital projects, the SNF is also funding the supply of medical equipment throughout the country. Expected procurements include the purchase and installation of PET/CTs at four University Hospitals across Greece, dental chairs and simulators for the School of Dentistry of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), and a nurse call system and other medical equipment for the Evangelismos General Hospital. For more information, visit procurement-of-equipment

Onassis National Transplant Center
The Onassis National Transplant Center (ONTRC) is the realization of efforts to create a hospital in Greece dedicated to solid organ transplantation, which will also be a center for research and innovation in transplants. Due to the lack of resources in Greece, transplant patients are often transferred to other destinations in Europe for care.

The Onassis Foundation is working with both the State and the National Transplant Organization (EOM) to create a national center for medical innovation in the field of adult and child transplants. With the coordination and supervision of the State, through the National Transplant Organization (EOM), the foundation will establish collaborations with doctors abroad to share knowledge with their Greek colleagues on organ transplantation.
The hospital is under construction, with an expected completion date of 2023.  The hospital will be dedicated to solid organ transplantation, with a total budget of $108 million, equipped with state-of-the-art technology worth over $33 million, that will have the first autonomous transplant unit exclusively for children in Greece. The Onassis Children’s Hospital will offer high quality services in Pediatric Cardiology & Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. 

The Onassis National Transplant Center will comprise 7,000 square meters and 4 floors, with 47 beds, 33 exclusively for children, and 12 ICU beds for children, with 5 exclusively for infants. 

For more information please visit:  Onassis National Transplant Center - Onassis Foundations

Opportunities for U.S. Firms
The new spending will create new potential opportunities for U.S. healthcare firms and suppliers in the areas of dentistry, hospital equipment and infrastructure, telemedicine, training, medical devices, and more.  For all projects it is advisable to work through a local partner or distributor, as they have the latest information on the technicalities, specifications, and the tender processes. The U.S. Commercial Service in Greece can help to connect you with potential partners and opportunities. For more information, please contact Commercial Specialist