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According to a report by Statista, revenue in the medical devices market in Ghana is projected to reach $138 million in 2023.  Other analysts project that the medical device market in Ghana is poised for significant growth, perhaps even doubling if several favorable conditions are met.  Various factors, including government policies, healthcare infrastructure development, technological advancements, and healthcare demand, influence the level of that growth. Increasing government and private investments in healthcare and the launch of new facilities requiring equipment are the largest factors.  

In September 2023, Ghanaian President Akuffo Addo noted that 86 public district hospitals, two regional psychiatric hospitals, and the western regional hospital were at various stages of completion.  Further, the expansion of private clinics and large private hospitals in Ghana continues unabated, with three groundbreakings and/or openings in the third quarter of 2023.  

Local health professionals also suggest that the growth in the procurement of medical by hospitals and clinics also relates to changes in hospital supply chain and other procedures following the COVID-19 pandemic.  
•    The largest specific subcategory of growth is cardiology devices with a projected market volume of $21 million in 2023.   
•    The consumables market which includes suturing materials, needles and catheters is expected to grow by 13.1% to 42.9mn by 2027.
•    The Diagnostic Imaging market is expected to grow to 25.3mn by 2027.
•    The market for Dental Equipment is expected to grow to 2.2mn by 2027.

The growth of Ghana’s medical market should create opportunities for U.S firms in the areas of hospital design and construction, consulting, and medical technologies ranging from cardiovascular and telemedicine to diagnostic equipment and more. U.S. medical firms are among the most innovative worldwide with a strong reputation for quality and after the sale service which appeals to potential foreign buyers.

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