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Ghana Industrial Materials Critical Minerals Graphite


Ghana is a potential source of several of the types of metals and critical minerals needed for the production of electrical vehicle batteries.  Ghana is already the sixth largest global supplier of manganese, with 3.2% of global production for example.  A new mining lease to launch spodumene/lithium mining for the first time in Ghana is in its final stages, as well.  Ghana also has some small quantities of copper.  

Growing Demand

Global demand for graphite is surging because five to eight kilos of graphite can be required for each electrical battery. An international company with a graphite mining lease in Ghana is seeking to develop an old graphite mine. It has defined a 22.4-million-tonne source of high-quality graphite flake, grading 8.6 per cent total graphite content (TGC) which has potential to be upgraded into 95 per cent loss on ignition (LOI) graphite concentrate through processing.  That company is looking for strategic partners and investors, and eventually, suppliers of equipment for the mine.

The commercial opportunities for U.S. companies include: 

  • Forming an early-stage strategic partnership for the development of a critical minerals site
  • Opportunities to provide various feasibility studies for the project. 
  • Provision of earth moving, drilling, safety and other equipment and services for the mine site
    Potential opportunities for offtake of graphite.

To further explore opportunities in the critical minerals sector in Ghana, contact PaaEkow Quansah and Laurie Kelleher at or Telephone +233(0)30-274-1870.  Please see our Country Commercial Guide and our wide range of market intelligence reports available on our website at