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Germany Hydrogen Market Needs and Best Prospects for U.S. Exporters

Given the substantial funds that will be invested in the German hydrogen sector, the future business potential for U.S. and other international companies is significant, both in Germany and in partnership with German companies abroad. R&D plays a central role in the current German hydrogen market as innovative technologies for economic decarbonization are being developed in the hydrogen generation, infrastructure, mobility, and industrial fields. Partnering with German companies undertaking such R&D could be a good first step for market entry. Germany is eager to advance quickly on bilateral hydrogen technology and policy cooperation, through the U.S.-Germany Climate and Energy Partnership, to develop joint strategies for hydrogen deployment and international standards; technology R&D and project demonstrations; and international cooperation with third country partners.

The future demand for electrolyzers for hydrogen production is essentially derived from the future demand for (green) hydrogen. Whether the required amount of electrolyzers will be built and operated in Germany or the energy carrier is imported, electrolysis capacities are needed on a large scale. Due to the increased interest in sector coupling and the need for green hydrogen, the electrolysis industry is increasingly coming into focus. Large companies are developing their own products in Germany. In the future, applications and products in the mobility sector, and the heating market will increase in relevance and revenue.

There are many industrial applications and technologies relevant to the hydrogen economy. The steel and chemical sectors are a primary focus. Through the technology integration of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) and green hydrogen, high CO2 savings are possible. In addition, CO2 residues from refineries, chemical plants, and incineration plants can be captured. Hydrogen can also act as a substitute for fuels in blast furnaces.

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