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France Renewable Hydrogen Technologies 

The French government will invest seven billion euros by 2030 to increase manufacture of electrolysis systems, tanks, fuel cells and related components essential to produce hydrogen from water. The country also wants to install 6.5 GW of hydrogen production capacity from renewable (wind, solar) or nuclear energy.

Large French companies are in the race. The two French automotive manufacturers, PSA and Renault, as well as the bus manufacturer SAFRA, are working on “green” hydrogen buses, trucks and light utility vehicles with the collaboration of Tier I suppliers such as Plastic Omnium (specialized in fuel storage), Symbio (specialized in fuel cell production), or Faurecia (hydrogen tanks).  Air Liquide, world leader in specialty gases, has created a subsidiary, Hype, to provide hydrogen tanks and hydrogen for French taxis.  Other major international firms such as Engie, EDF, Total, Air Liquide, Schlumberger and McPhy are all focusing on hydrogen production from renewable sources such as wind or solar, rather than relying mainly on nuclear energy for hydrogen generation.

The development of hydrogen filling station infrastructure for vehicles is also an important focus. In the transportation industry, the goal is to continue to work towards the decarbonization of all trucks, buses, boats, trains and aircraft.  

The ability to participate competitively in these new endeavors necessitates that U.S. manufacturers of carbon-free hydrogen technologies and equipment consider working with a local partner or establishing a presence in France or Europe. 

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