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Ethiopia E-Procurement Platform Provides Easy Access to Public Tenders

The Government of Ethiopia has been piloting an electronic government procurement (EGP) system since 2021 with nine public agencies participating. In 2023 the system was expanded to 74 federal agencies including those that make the major purchases in sectors including agriculture, technology, health, and education. The EPG rollout is being undertaken by the Ethiopian Public Procurement and Property Authority (PPPA) with the aim of improving efficiency and transparency throughout the entire government’s procurement process.

In the past year, over 1,200 procurement opportunities were posted on the Government of Ethiopia’s online EPG system. PPPA expects approximately $9 Billion in Procurements to be carried out over the course of 2023, with plans to continue expanding its scope across the federal, state, and local levels – ultimately covering as much as 80% of all government procurements within the next five years. 

To date, nearly 8,000 domestic and international suppliers are registered on the EPG. U.S. companies interested in these procurement opportunities are encouraged to register and explore the system. Once registered, companies can access procurement opportunities and submit bids online.

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