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One of four pillars under the digital transformation strategy is a digital identification (ID) for all citizens and residents. As a result, Ethiopia has launched a national ID program to be implemented in phases, culminating in issuing digital IDs to 70 million residents by the end of 2025.  

A dedicated National ID project office was set up under the Office of the Prime Minister to manage this project. The National ID Office signed a contract with an India-based open-source software provider, MOSIP, which will serve as the platform for the digital ID system.  

The roll out of the digital ID program to 70 million people will take about $40 - $50 million in hardware and software procurements. The National ID project office will issue tenders for supply of biometric kits from time to time.There is a tender that is floating now for supply of 300 biometric kits with carrying cases. According to the plan, the biometric kits can be supplied by any biometric kit manufacturer that has a system that can operate on the MOSIP platform. The link for the tender may be found in the National ID project office website.

Commercial Service Ethiopia recommends U.S. companies visit the national ID program office website from time to time to learn about new tenders floating and opportunities to supply biometric solutions to the Ethiopian digital ID program.

For more information please reach out to Commercial Specialist Teddy Tefera