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Small holder farmers are being grouped together in clusters so that they will collectively use agricultural machineries such as tractors and harvesters to transform the traditional farming techniques and improve productivity. In the past four years, five thousand tractors were procured and distributed to these clusters and there is still a demand for another 5,000 tractors and 1,000 harvesters in the coming years.  

Ethiopia imports one million metric tons of wheat every year. The government of Ethiopia set a plan to replace wheat imports with local production by introducing irrigated farming techniques to harvest wheat twice a year.This will create great opportunities for U.S. irrigation equipment manufacturers to supply their technology to the Ethiopian agricultural sector. 
In addition, there is a major campaign to increase fruit production, particularly avocado fruits, for export markets. Currently, fruits and horticultural products are mainly exported through air cargo, which makes it expensive. The plan is to shift to inland transport of agricultural commodities to the Djibouti port. This will require irrigation equipment and cold chain facilities both at warehouses as well as mobile cold chain facilities for inland transport that can be supplied by U.S. manufacturers.

There are also three integrated agro industrial processing parks that are already operational and a couple more will be constructed in the years to come. U.S. companies that can supply equipment and technology for food processing plants have great opportunity in the Ethiopian market. Please reach out to Teddy Tefera for further enquiries.

Webinar & Virtual Connections 

This report is part of a larger project titled “Cold Chain Solutions Virtual Connections.”  The project kicks off with a Webinar featuring Sub-Saharan Africa Commercial Specialists on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 from 11:00 am – Noon Eastern Time for a market overview Webinar, an opportunity to ask questions to market experts, and more information on how you can enter the Sub-Saharan Cold Chain market.  Link: 

Following the webinar, companies offing U.S. cold chain solutions can connect with buying opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa.  The Virtual Connection will provide additional curated matchmaking sessions to meet buyers and government officials in up to three of the markets presented.   Between 1–3 virtual introductions will be organized by local U.S. trade specialists who will guide you through the next steps so you can make the sale.  For details, contact or