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El Salvador Food and Beverages

U.S. pre-packaged food and beverage products can now be sold in El Salvador with a provisional permit while completing the registration process. 

The Ministry of Health of El Salvador approved the “Regulation for the Sanitary Registration of products of risk type A, B, C; and Special Authorization of Importation for Prepackage Food and Beverages”, which entered into force on March 8th, 2022. The new regulation gives the option to importers to obtain a provisional sanitary registration by presenting all the documentation specified in article 14 of the law; including the Certificate of Free Sale, Certificate of Export or Sanitary Certificate; label or project of label for each presentation of the food and beverage product; list of ingredients; copy of the microbiology and physicochemical analysis done by the manufacturer or a third party; payment of fee, etc. 

The provisional registration will authorize the importation and commercialization of the product in El Salvador for 3 months until the final registration permit is obtained, which means that U.S. products can be sold in the Salvadoran market while they are conducting the registration process at the Ministry of Health (if the importer opts to apply for the provisional registration certificate).    

The complete regulation is available in the Official Gazette (date of publication 03/08/22)
For more information, contact the U.S. Commercial Service Office in San Salvador at