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NATO Directive AC/4-D/226.  Czech contracting authorities including MoD have the mandatory obligation to announce information on all their public tenders at the National Electronic Tool (NEN) and other assigned servers ( see International public tenders are published in English in the Official Journal of the European Union. With the aim to increase a transparency in procurement, detailed data on closed MoD’s contracts are available at (in Czech only).

According MoD, a vast majority of public contracts awarded are administered as restricted tenders, i.e. only pre-selected companies are invited for bidding. In 2019, 90% of purchase agreements worth $1 billion were signed with local companies, nevertheless, the total value of contracts awarded was more than $2 billion. As of April 2020, concerns over government spending to counteract the negative affects of COVID-19 put continued increases in defense spending at risk.  Major projects may be delayed, but the Government continues to support defense spending and modernization, though potentially at lower levels.
U.S. bidders need to get on these short lists. MoD can be contacted at:
 Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic
Armaments and Acquisition Division

Namesti Svobody 471/4, CZ 160 01 Prague 6, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 973 225 007
It is highly recommended to participate in Industry Days organized by the Market Research and Analysis Department of the Industrial Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Defense. The Industry Days are primarily focused on the market research process that precedes the pre-acquisition phase. The Industry Day serves as a platform for potential suppliers to gain an overview of the project, to better understand the requirements of the Czech Army and eventually to ask questions regarding the next steps of the project and desired parameters. 

Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic
Industrial Cooperation Division
Market Research and Analysis Department 
Tychonova 1, CZ 160 01 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 973 225 271