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Czech Republic Energy Storage

Large-scale utilization of renewable energy inevitably requires both energy accumulation and grid stabilization. In conjunction with the expected boom in electric mobility, efforts to advance grid energy storage have increased. Nevertheless, The European Market Monitor on Energy Storage issued in 3/2020 detected a significant slow-down in the growth of the European market for energy-storage in 2019 compared to 2018.  According the report, the main reason is the regulatory framework biased in favor of classical energy models. The Czech Republic is no exception. It is fair to say that none of available energy-accumulation technology is perfect yet, and cost-effectiveness can be reached under specific conditions only.

While the goal of EU funds is to support a sustainable low-carbon-emission economy and ensure energy security by utilizing alternative energies, the Czech approach is different. As described in the State Energy Policy, the future Czech energy mix will be primarily based on nuclear power with a goal of reaching 50% of the energy supply with nuclear.

Pumped-storage hydroelectricity
Bulk energy storage is currently dominated by hydroelectric dams, both conventional as well as pumped. There are six localities considered for new pumped-storage hydroelectric power plants in the Czech Republic but public acceptance presents a challenge.
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
Front-of-meter installations
Front-of-meter installations in the Czech Republic are mired in regulations. Using BESS for auxiliary services is allowed only in a unit together with a power generator and under specific conditions. This fact almost rules out any commercial connection of the BESS in the power distribution network so far. It is expected that the new Energy Act will put BESS on equal footing as the water pumping power plants but the mandate to be connected with a generator will remain.

Behind-the-meter installations
This is the fastest growing market segment. There were 532 roof-non-residential installations put in operation with the capacity of about 13 MW in 2019. In residential area, about 70 percent of new PV power plants are installed with accumulation. Leading Czech manufacturers of advanced Li-Ion batteries (OIG Power, Fitcraft, GWL Power, A123 Systems, EV Battery, HE3DA /Magna Energy Storage) successfully compete in the residential sector and in smaller commercial installations. Companies like Solar Global, DECCI, Solartec, Siemens, Alfen, Innogy, ENACO, Sonnen are also active in the Czech market.