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Czech Republic 5G network

Supporting the digital economy is one of the Czech government priorities based on The Strategy Paper of Digital Economy and Society adopted by government in 2018. A commitment to 5G networks is key for building the digital economy in the country. The 5G network auction of frequencies has been in the planning stage and although the tender has been postponed a number of times.  

There are three main telecom operators active in the country – O2, T-Mobile, and Vodafone – potentially interested in the auction. Some of the additional players like Sazka, Nordic Telecom or CEZ are also considering the opportunity. Some of the telecom operators are starting to launch 5G networks in selected locations. In mid-June 2020, telecom company O2 announced to offer Prague and Kolin customers a limited 5G mobile network. The company began testing the networks in Kolin last year. O2 built its 5G in Kolin in cooperation with Finish Nokia and in Prague with Chinese Huawei. The Huawei infrastructure is controversial after an December 2018 declaration from the Czech National Cyber and Security Information Agency (NUKIB) with concerns about network and data integrity of Huawei hardware. Vodafone plans to launch a 5G signal in Karlovy Vary. For nationwide 5G coverage, the operators will need the frequencies acquired in the government-announced auction.

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