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Costa Rica Public Infrastructure

Cost Rica infrastructure projects such as train systems, airports, highways, ports, bridges, and water treatment present opportunities for U.S. companies. 

The Government of Costa Rica uses the Public Works Concession Law for the development of large infrastructure projects. These projects include: roads, highways, bridges, airport modernization, port improvement, rehabilitation of the railroad system, and water-wastewater systems, among other projects. The projects are offered to private local and foreign companies and consortiums through a public bidding process under the BOT (build-operate-transfer) concession scheme, as stipulated in the Public Works Concession Law.

A goal of the Alvarado administration (2018-present) has been to revise the concession law to correct its loopholes in which companies can overcharge the Costa Rican government for design, construction, and operation of different projects. In late 2017 the Costa Rican government issued a new regulation that allows Public- Private Alliances. This is expected to be widely supported, increasing investment in different infrastructure projects.

U.S. companies interested in forming consortiums to participate in tenders and private sector initiatives to design, build and potentially operate mobility and transportation projects should contact Senior Commercial Specialist