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China Travel Youth and Student Market

China’s student and youth outbound tourism segment is experiencing robust growth post-COVID-19, with the re-emergence of travel and educational trips or “Yanxue Tours”. Notably, these trips are far more expensive than traditional vacations, up to 15%-20% higher than 2019 prices.
Families are showing a particular interest in international educational trips during the summer, reflecting a desire to enhance their children’s cultural knowledge and international exposure. Highly favored are destinations that offer a mix of education, leisure activities, and outdoor experiences. The main target group comprises of families from major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hangzhou, Chongqing, and Chengdu.
There has been a substantial increase in bookings for museum visits, registering a 232% year-over-year increase, and study tour products saw an impressive 30 times year-over-year growth. Consumer spending on these travel experiences is significant, with a two-week trip costing around USD 5,200 to USD 6,900 per student. According to an online survey of 300 respondents conducted by First Financial, around 79.8% of the participants hope to gain historical and cultural knowledge through study tours, highlighting the importance of educational value.
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