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China Travel High-End Market

China has seen a revival in the high-end outbound travel market with the reopening of its border. Wealthy Chinese travelers are prepared to upgrade their travel spending by increasing overseas travel frequency and duration. 
These luxury travelers are demonstrating a growing preference for immersive, slow-paced, and high-quality experiences, extending to premium offerings such as first-class flights and luxury accommodations. This preference highlights a segment for businesses offering tailored services, cultural experiences, or wellness-focused packages.
Survey data reveals that nearly half of the respondents, who classify as China’s high-income travelers, plan to make at least five trips in 2023, a slight increase from 2019 averages. Planned spending for 2023 is expected to rise by 15%, with an average budget of approximately USD 15,299. The majority of respondents intend to extend their vacation duration compared to pre-pandemic levels, and over a third of these high-end travelers plan to utilize premium travel and accommodation services. 
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