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China Healthcare Facility Construction

The market in China for healthcare facility design and construction, building materials, healthcare technology, and medical equipment is large and growing, but increased domestic competition and procurement limits imposed by the Chinese government create challenges for U.S. firms.


Affluent urban and rural residents and an aging population are creating demand for the construction of healthcare facilities and senior care centers.

As stated in the “Healthy China 2020” plan, medical infrastructure development will lead to a 30% increase in beds at public hospitals, and a 100% increase at private hospitals.

According to an expert in the healthcare sector, between 2020-2025, the market size of hospital construction in China will be over $75 billion, which includes:

  • $30 billion for infrastructure
  • $30 billion for healthcare information technology
  • Over $15 for billion medical equipment

COVID-19 has exposed the problem of insufficient public health services. Many provinces have started to plan to renovate, expand, or build hospitals. This Chinese language website lists some of those projects.

Chinese hospitals have also sought to expand their capabilities through partnerships with U.S. healthcare providers. Those partnerships extend across many provinces and cities in China, including:

Anhui province: 

  • Wuxi Meizhong Jiahe Cancer Center has a partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Guangdong province:

  • Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center has a partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Guangzhou R&F International Hospital has a partnership with UCLA Health 

Hainan province:

  • Boao Evergrande International has a partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital 

Shaanxi province:

  • China Northwest International Medical Center has a partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine 

Shanghai municipality:

  • Cleveland Clinic Connected has a partnership with Cleveland clinic,
  • Delta Health has a partnership with the University of Columbia Heart Center
  • Jiahui International Hospital has a partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Shanghai Concord Cancer Center has a partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center

Zhejiang province:

  • Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital has a partnership with Mayo Clinic
  • Taikang-Mount Sinai Ningbo International Hospital has a partnership with Mount Sinai Health System

The map below shows the locations, as of June 2020, of those hospitals with U.S. partnerships in China.

Healthcare Institutions with U.S. Partnerships

Map that shows the locations of hospitals with U.S. partnerships in China as of June 2020.


Qualifications of Architectural Design Firms

  • Certifications are required for all architectural design firms that conduct business in China. Foreign design companies have difficulty obtaining such certifications, and most choose to work with a Chinese partner to overcome this requirement.

Competition from Domestic and Overseas Firms

  • According to an industry expert, U.S. firms face fierce competition from Chinese and foreign companies. 

Best Prospects: 


  • Hospital architectural and interior design
  • Senior care centers


•    Medical technology 
•    Healthcare IT

Management and Consulting Services

  • U.S. hospital official affiliations and the accompanying management and consulting services
  • Medical facility planning
  • Senior care management

Building Materials

  • Specialty building materials for healthcare facilities


Major Players

  • Hospitals
  • Hospital and Senior Care Center Investors
  • Real Estate Developers

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