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China Compulsory Certificate Program

This Market Insight provides updates to previous U.S. Commercial Service China reporting related to changes in China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) policies. In February 2021, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA) published an announcement setting forth new guidance for SDOC.

This announcement sets out the following guidance for the SDOC process when a standard involved is under revision:

  • Companies need to track the standards required for their product, including revisions to those standards.
  • During a transitional period (the period of time after the revised standard is published but before it becomes effective), companies may choose to conduct SDOCs based either on the old version of the standard or the revised version.
  • After the revised version of a standard becomes effective, companies must conduct SDOC according to the requirements of the revised standard.
  • Companies that previously completed SDOC according to an old version of a standard must complete SDOC that complies with the requirements of the revised version of the standard within one year of the revised version becoming effective.

The new measure represents another step in the shift of responsibility towards manufacturers and applicants for some product categories under the CCC process. The announcement notes that applicants can be found liable in case of any quality problems or non-conformity to revised standards. For this reason, it is critical for U.S. manufacturers operating in or exporting to China to stay up to date on any changes to existing standards.

Laws, Regulations, and Policies Relevant to SDOC in CCC Program in the Chinese Language:

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