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U.S. tourism destinations interested in promoting their attractions and engaging Chinese tourists should consider “Cloud Tourism.” 

While China maintains its “zero-tolerance” COVID-19 restrictions to contain spread within its borders, innovative technologies such as live streaming are enabling tourists to indulge in attractions without going outdoors. China is expressing rising interest in virtually exploring the world through what is known as “Cloud Tourism.”

The pandemic hastened the adoption of mobile and digital tools as well as live-streaming platforms to promote and engage in tourism in China. According to McKinsey’s survey, online streaming has become a major source of information and inspiration for making travel decisions and the driving force behind increased pre-sales interest.

Tourism destinations have increasingly adopted “Cloud Tourism” to effectively promote their attractions and engage potential tourists, which has significantly contributed to the resumption of domestic tourism in China. For example, a museum in China saw 5.8 million person-time visits for a single live streaming event, which boosted pre-sales interest among the viewers.

Similarly, a hotel was able to generate $1.5 million in bookings in one hour following a live tour of its facilities.  
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