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In June 2022, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) published the “14th Five-Year Plan for General Aviation Development” which set a goal to have 3,500 registered general aviation (GA) aircrafts and 500 GA airports in China by the end of 2025.  China currently has about 3,200 registered GA aircrafts and 399 GA airports.  The plan also calls for 25 or more provincial-level regions offer air rescue emergency services.  China currently has 146 medical institutions in 23 provinces that offer emergency air rescue services. 

The Plan also states that by the end of 2025, China’s general aviation infrastructure should incorporate short-distance general aviation transportation into the national transportation system to meet the needs of air traffic in small and medium-sized cities and remote areas.

Much like parts of the United States, China has many remote areas with limited transportation infrastructure where GA may provide a cost-effective solution for the movement of goods and people. Note that the location and speed of investments in general aviation infrastructure are largely driven by central, provincial, and local government economic development plans and deregulation.  The anticipated increase of GA airports will facilitate many air services including firefighting, medivac, tourism, business travel, short-distance commuting, pilot training, agricultural support, recreational flying, and land survey.

The Plan also brings opportunities fixed-wing and rotary aircraft sales and for U.S. suppliers in the areas of fixed base operators (FBO), maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), GA pilot training, medivac, GA airport design and consulting.

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