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A $5 billion railway investment plan will modernize Chile’s railway infrastructure between 2021 and 2027.

Chile Over Rails (“Chile sobre Rieles” in Spanish) includes 27 projects through 2027, for a total investment of $5 billion, that will modernize the passenger and freight railway infrastructure operated by the Chilean Railways Company - Empresa de Ferrocarriles del Estado - (EFE). The goal is to triple ridership to 150 million passengers per year and to double the volume of freight transported to 21 million tons per year by 2027.

The Alameda (Santiago) - Melipilla Train and the Santiago -Batuco line are two upcoming projects considered key for the country’s post-pandemic recovery and make up 30 percent of the total government investment in this program.

Alameda (Santiago) - Melipilla Railway Project Bidding will open in June 2021 for this $1.5 billion, 37-mile track extension and is scheduled to be completed in 2025.

  • Construction of 10 new passenger stations and Alameda Station
  • Acquisition of 22 new trains
  • Construction of Alameda-Malloco tract: 2 new transportation tracks for passengers
  • Construction of Malloco - Melipilla tract: 1 new transportation track for passengers
  • Reconditioning of loading lane in Alameda - Melipilla section

Santiago-Batuco Railway Project.  The tender is scheduled to be released in 2022 for this $650 million, 17-mile track extension that will begin operations in 2025.

  • Construction of 8 new passenger stations
  • Acquisition of 10 new trains Construction of Santiago - Las Industrias tract: 2 transportation tracks for passengers and1freight transportation track
  • Construction of Las Industrias - Batuco section: 1 passenger transport lane and 1 freight transport lane

More information on these projects (in Spanish) can be found in the tender’s section of EFE’s website.

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