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Vitamins and Supplements Chile

Chile Nutritional Supplements

Chilean importers of nutritional supplements (not the U.S. company) are responsible for obtaining the authorization to import these goods.

Nutritional supplements and vitamins must be authorized by Chile’s Regional Health Ministerial Service (SEREMI de Salud in Spanish) under the Ministry of Health. Nutritional supplements/vitamins are defined as products manufactured or prepared specifically to supplement the diet for healthy results and contribute to the maintenance and protection of physiological characteristics in adolescents, adults, or the elderly.  

The supplements or vitamin’s formulation should consist of a suitable nutrient, mixing of nutrients, and other naturally present food components such as vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, lipids, and dietetic fibers. In addition, nutritional supplements may be powder, liquids, grains, tablets, pills, and capsules. To be considered a nutritional supplement and vitamin ingredient content is very specific and the manufacturer should consult with the Institute of Public Health (Instituto de Salud Pública, or ISP) on any questions regarding specific ingredients.  

Chilean importers of nutritional supplements (not the U.S. company) are responsible for obtaining the authorization to import these goods from the SEREMI of the province of the port of entry.  For this purpose, the importer must provide:  

  • Invoice with the CIF value of the merchandise 
  • Certificate of Free Sale issued by a U.S. state health authority that has been notarized and legalized at the nearest Chilean Consulate.   

The Certificate of Free Sale, with the corresponding legal stamps must be provided by the U.S. company.   

Dietary Supplements for Exercise and Athletic Performance 

Nutritional supplements for athletes are defined by Chilean regulation as those formulated to satisfy the needs of healthy individuals that do demanding physical exercise on a regular basis and for extended periods. These supplements will be combined or mixed with nourishing ingredients and other nutrients, such as carbon hydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other components naturally present in the supplements, such as caffeine, or those expressly authorized in the current regulations.  Maximum and minimum levels of vitamins, minerals, and other components are detailed in the Resolution No. 394/02, Article 534 issued by the Ministry of Health.  Producers also need to follow the standards of good manufacturing practices.   

Ingredients that cannot be incorporated in nutritional supplements for athletes include:   

  • Hormones or compounds with anabolic steroid effects,  
  • Substances that stimulate the central nervous system, except those that are expressly authorized. 

Labeling Information 

According to Chilean regulation, all information on the label for these products must be in Spanish and include the phrase “Nutritional Supplement” (in Spanish) and a disclaimer noting that the consumption of the production “is not recommended for children under 8 years old, pregnant or breast-feeding women, except when indicated by a competent professional and does not replace a balanced diet” (also in Spanish).  

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