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Firefighting and Rescue Equipment Chile

Chile - Firefighting Equipment and Services

The acquisition of firefighting equipment and services in Chile is needed to support firefighting during fire season.

The National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) is Chile’s government agency that leads forestry firefighting. It is supported by the Emergency Committee of the Ministry of Interior and by the National Emergency Office (ONEMI), which is equivalent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the United States. In the private sector, CONAF works closely with CORMA, a Chilean trade association to brings together over 170 entities from the forestry sector.  

Carabineros de Chile and the Investigative Police, through the Ministry of Interior, work to specify the causes of forest fires, and CONAF works in coordination with both institutions to support the work they carry out. 

The annual forest fire season in Chile runs from October/November to April/May, with the peak fire season falling between the months of December to February.  Although CONAF has its own fleet of airplanes and helicopters for firefighting and ONEMI also has a couple of aircrafts, in most years it is not enough and CONAF must announce tenders to hire additional services of firefighting aircraft for the season. 

CONAF also has an annual budget for regular planned acquisitions and basic equipment that needs to be replaced every year.  These acquisitions are done through Mercado Publico (, the Chilean platform for government acquisitions.  Chilean and foreign companies may register in Mercado Publico as suppliers.  Below is a list of CONAF planned acquisitions for the season 2021-2022: 

Regular Planned Acquisitions Description
Water Equipment Mark-3 motor pump, includes fuel tank
Water Equipment Mini-Striker motor pump
Water Equipment Rancher 125 GAL. with foam dispenser system
Water Equipment Striker III motor pump (Ultra Striker)
Water Equipment Versax Portable 9 HP Motor Pump
Water Equipment Back Pump
Manual Tools MCLeod rake
Manual Tools Forest Shovel
Manual Tools Pulaski
Manual Tools Two edged graze
Manual Tools Reaper Rake
Manual Tools Fire extinguisher
Hoses 20” Chainsaw with Bar Includes Stihl Professional Combination Drum
Hoses 1 1/2” x100 ‘Hotline Hose Section with Instantaneous Union (Yellow Spec 187)
Hoses Spec 187 1.5” x100 ‘hose length with snap fittings
Hoses Section of Self-Moistening Staflo Hose 1.5” x30 Mts. with instantaneous unions
Hoses 1” x100 ‘Spec 187 hose run with snap fittings
Radion Communications Equipment Portable equipment
Radio Communications Equipment Portable battery
Radio Communications Equipment Basic equipment

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