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Chile Education Recruitment Opportunities

After an almost three year pause, Chile’s government-subsidized Masters, Doctorates, and Post Doctorate scholarships (Becas Chile) are accepting applications for qualified students. These grants cover the full costs for Chileans to study abroad and offer a great opportunity for U.S. universities looking to recruit international students.  

Chile’s National Research and Development Agency (ANID) is the office in charge of managing and executing educational programs that promote, encourage, and develop research in all areas of knowledge, technology, and scientific innovation, as mandated by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation. 

As part of its mission, ANID administers Becas Chile to increase study abroad opportunities for students and strengthen relationships with international education and research institutions. The purpose of these scholarships is to train professionals in all fields, so that when graduates return to Chile, they will apply the knowledge they acquired and contribute to the scientific, academic, economic, social, and cultural development of the country. 

These scholarships provide the financial aid the students need to start or continue their studies in educational institutions overseas. The financial aid includes funding for all related educational costs the student needs to complete a full program, including airfare for the scholarship recipient and their spouse and children under 18 years old, tuition fees, money for books and health insurance, a monthly allowance for the student and accompanying family, and tuition for an English language leveling course, if needed. 

Chilean citizens and foreigners with permanent residence in Chile, who meet the following requirements can apply for these scholarships: 

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or an equivalent professional degree. 
  • Grade point average equal to or greater than five (5.0) out of a maximum of seven (7.0) (in accordance with Chile’s standard grading system) or its equivalent on a 1 to 7 scale, or, rank within the top 30 percent of their graduation class. 
  • Accepted to or be a student in a masters, doctorate, or post-doctorate program. 

Other available government-sponsored graduate scholarships:  

Education professionals master’s degree 

This program allows education professionals (teachers and educators) to obtain financial support to complete master’s studies at foreign universities and/or research centers. The goal is to develop expertise in different areas of education such as: curriculum, evaluation, and school management and learning. 

The requirements are the same as the other scholarships with the additional requirement that applicants be current teachers in Chile’s public schools.  

Medical Subspecialties studies 

This grant is aimed at doctors who are surgeons with a specialty seeking to start or continue studies abroad in a different area of medicine than their specialty. 

For more information on requirements and the application process for all Becas Chile please visit ANID 

Calendar for 2023 applications  

Type of Scholarship





Doctorate - Becas Chile 04/06/2023 05/09/2023 July 2023
Master - Becas Chile 04/12/2023 05/17/2023 August 2023

Master for Education 

Professionals - Becas Chile


07/11/2023 September 2023
Postdoc - Becas Chile 06/22/2023 07/20/2023 September 2023

For further information, please contact CS Chile Commercial Assistant Ana Keener