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Chile Cosmetics Registration Process

U.S. cosmetic exporters must register cosmetic products with the Chilean Institute of Public Health. 

Registration is an important factor for U.S. companies to consider to ensure their cosmetic products can be imported into Chile. Chilean legislation requires that companies register cosmetic products at the Instituto de Salud Pública (ISP or Institute of Public Health in English). In addition, only companies (local and foreign) that are legally established in Chile may file for registration. 

According to Chilean legislation, cosmetics are described as preparations destined for external application on the human body for beauty purposes, modification of the physical aspect/look, and conservation of the normal physical/chemical condition of the skin and or annexes; i.e. nails, hair, oral mucosa, teeth, and external genitalia.  

The legislation outlines two distinct cosmetic categories:  

  • High Risk Cosmetics including colored make-up, body lotions/treatments, aging skin treatments, hand sanitizers and insect repellant
  • Low Risk Cosmetics including enamel, nail enamel remover, wax body hair remover, hairsprays, hair conditioning/shampoo, disposable sanitary pads, tissues, deodorants, shaving products, mouthwash, toothpaste, eau de toilette, perfumes, and others. 

The ISP publishes a list of prohibited cosmetics ingredients on their website.  

A foreign company that would like to register their products may work with an independent lab, a pharmaceutical consulting company, a law firm, or appoint a representative to handle the registration process. The company or distributor must have a pharmacist on staff.  

Labeling must be in Spanish and include: 

  • Name 
  • Cosmetics purpose 
  • Qualitative formula with ingredients in INCI nomenclature 
  • Information on expiration date, storage precautions, and indications 
  • ISP registration approval number 

Registration fees for high risk cosmetics is approximately US $835 per product and is valid for five years.  The renewal fee, valid for an additional 5 years, is approximately US $350. The registration fee for low risk cosmetics is approximately US $55.   

To file for registration, the company should present the following items to the ISP: 

  • Product samples 
  • Complete qualitative and quantitative formula 
  • Quality specifications 
  • Label written in Spanish 
  • Stability tests and quality control 
  • A free sale certificate granted by a state or federal authority in the United States notarized and legalized at a Chilean Consulate. 

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