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Canada Quebec Medical Device Market

With the onset of COVID-19, Canada found itself with high demand for medical devices needed to provide continuous and quality healthcare services. Health Canada made it a priority to review applications for COVID-19 medical devices that meet an urgent public health need and streamlined the process to allow for faster approval.

Healthcare expenditures in Quebec by public and private sources are steadily growing across the entire medical supplies and devices distribution chain. The province imports more than $700 million of medical equipment every year and the United States consistently supplies over one-third of Quebec’s purchases.

In Quebec, the Health and Social Services Ministry (Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux – MSSS) ultimately allocates healthcare-related budgetary constraints and general policy. Hospitals may choose to purchase medical equipment and supplies either directly from manufacturers or through one of Quebec’s three regional Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), which the MSSS uses to purchase equipment for multiple hospitals at once.

Technological advances coupled with Quebec’s aging population will increase the province’s demand for medical supplies used to treat age-related symptoms. U.S. medical device producers are in a unique position to sell medical devices to Quebec securely and reliably due to the province’s geographic proximity and strong demand for high-quality medical technologies. 

The U.S. Commercial Service in Canada is closely following the developments in this important industry. We stand ready to support advocacy efforts and export promotion efforts. For further information please contact Commercial Specialist Connie Irrera