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Canada Opportunities for the U.S. Education Industry

Canada is a competitive market with an impressive domestic education network. It is the fifth largest market for the U.S. Education Industry. Despite sharing the longest land border, the U.S. and Canada have not maximized their potential for cross border engagement in this important industry.

These are a few different types of mutually beneficial partnerships. They include cross-border tuition agreements, reciprocity programs, and joint degree programs. This will enable improved educational curriculum and raise the level of education on both sides of the border. Joint research projects and engagement with schools across the border will not only be advantageous, but spur innovation in critical areas such as climate change, sustainability, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  

Specialized training programs in core areas that do not exist in Canada will also present opportunities for educational institutions in the United States. Optional Practical Training (OPT) opportunities are another feature attracting Canadian students to the United States. This will help Canadian students gain “hands-on” practical professional experience, enhancing an individual’s career development.

A third of all Canadian students traveling to the U.S. every year is a direct result of college athletics and athletic scholarships. Highlighting those opportunities is an important attraction for U.S. schools. Other key things to keep in mind would be providing detailed information about applications, timelines, and additional requirements.

Coupled with its lower tuition rates (compared to U.S. tuition rates), U.S. institutions must highlight distinguishing factors to attract the more discerning learner. Education is highly valued, and parents and students alike will be looking for optimal education opportunities within their budget. 

A strong social media presence that provides detailed information regarding admissions and campus life is essential. Do not underestimate the draw of highlighting the uniqueness of American college life.

The U.S. Commercial Service in Canada stands by, ready to assist U.S. institutions interested in the important Canadian market. For further information please contact: Commercial Specialist Philipp Fortin