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Canada Mining Equipment

Canada is a leading mining country and one of the largest producers of minerals and metals worldwide. The sector presents excellent export potential for U.S. mining equipment manufacturers given Canada‚Äôs focus on mineral extraction, smelting, and fabrication of critical minerals and Rare Earth Elements (REE,) amongst other metals. Canada accounts for approximately forty to fifty percent of the world’s known REE reserves, estimated at over 15 million tons of rare earth oxides, however, most of these resources remain unexplored.  

Canada can address an increased demand for REE, sourced for the manufacturing of permanent magnets for use in fighter jets, precision missile guidance systems, drones, and other defense technologies, through the adoption of offtake agreements or by adding Canadian vertically integrated operations into U.S. downstream supply chains. 

The U.S. mining industry can play a pivotal role in support of the North American mining and defense sectors by helping Canada increase output of critical minerals and REE, while at the same contributing to the safety of the North American defense sector.

Exports of state-of-art U.S.-made smelting, processing, and metal separation technology to Canada can make this mining industry more competitive and environmentally sound. 

For more information on Canadian-based miners and vertical supply chain integrators of critical minerals and how the U.S. Commercial Service assists U.S. exporters, please visit  or contact: Commercial Specialist Shweta Nagpal