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Cosmetics and Toiletries Canada

Canada Cosmetics and Beauty Products Market

Canada’s strong and dynamic economy offers a reliable market for U.S. cosmetic companies looking to enter and/or expand in the cosmetics market. The industry encompasses many different products which includes, but is not limited to, soaps, make-up, nail adhesives, tattoo inks and hair dyes. 

In 2021, the cosmetics market in Canada generated approximately USD 1.24 billion of revenue. Industry revenue is expected to grow by 1.45% annually to reach USD 1.8 billion by 2024. 

The recovery of the beauty and personal care industry in Canada represents a great opportunity for U.S. exporters of cosmetic products. Manufacturers of beauty products should understand prevailing product trends, including a higher demand for natural or organic, no animal tested, and cruelty free cosmetic products. With these growing consumer preferences, organic and ethically sourced products now represent about 40% of the Canadian skin care market.  

Emerging market trends have contributed to the growth of cosmetics products in Canada. This includes tailoring products to consumer’s age, gender, ethnicity, use of technology to improve marketing strategies, and use of innovating eco-friendly packaging and design for cosmetic products. 

The cosmetic products market experiences high competition, with the dominance of major global players in Canada. The provinces of Ontario and Quebec are home to the largest producers of cosmetics and skin care and are also the most active consumer marketplaces for such products in Canada. The three largest urban markets for cosmetics and skin care products in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.  

The development of new cosmetic materials and bio-actives is an important part of the Canadian Cosmetics manufacturing industry. Success within the industry depends to a large degree on product innovation, effective sales and marketing, and efficient operations.  

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