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Canada Consumer Goods

Consumer goods—which encompass a range of products including clothing, electronic devices, furniture, and personal care items—represent a crucial sector of the Canadian economy. In 2019, consumer product industries accounted for approximately one-third of Canada’s manufacturing GDP and 40 percent of employment.

Although tempered by price sensitivity, rising inflation, and slow economic growth, retail sales among consumers are on the rise according to Statistics Canada.  E-commerce is rapidly growing in scale and size, but Canadians still value an in-store shopping experience , especially when it comes to groceries, with Walmart, Loblaws, and Costco as the most popular shopping destinations. The pandemic has led to some shifts in consumer preferences, for example, shopping at a larger variety of retailers in response to product shortages and delivery delays. Additionally, the pandemic has shifted many retailers’ focus on digitization and automation within their in-store capabilities. There are three aspects of the Canadian consumer goods industry where U.S. companies may have opportunities to introduce or strengthen their participation in the industry.

  • Streamline distribution: Logistics management companies or distributors which present innovative solutions to reduce delays in the supply chain or serve as facilitators between retailers and manufacturers.
  • Self-service technologies: Technology companies which operate or manage products bypassing human interactions including self-service checkouts, radio-frequency identification tags, smart cameras, and artificial intelligence.
  • Consumer privacy protection: Canadians are increasingly concerned with the security of their personal data and information with retailers. There may be opportunities for cybersecurity or data companies which can either provide strong cyber defense capabilities or offer safe and trusted management of personal information for retailers.

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