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Bulgaria Recovery and Resilience Plan

After the COVID-19 pandemic and follow-on impacts, Europe needs a radical transformation of its economy and a more sustainable outlook for its future. One instrument of the EU that can provide the necessary funds, ideas, and projects to support this is the Recovery and Resilience Plan.  

Bulgaria is an excellent destination for technological, infrastructural, and environmental investments, providing significant opportunities for U.S. companies and suppliers. Below is a breakdown of how the $13 billion in EU funds for Bulgaria will be allocated: 
The four categories cover projects and investments encompassing human capital and tangible infrastructure. The biggest beneficiaries are green projects, aiming to transform the country’s economy into a greener space for development.  

With 25% of the funding allocation, multiple projects aim to bolster innovation and offer initiatives to transform Bulgaria into an innovation hotspot, attracting further investment and encouraging entrepreneurship.  

Another tranche is aimed at connectivity by modernizing and expanding transport. For example, projects to build new railway infrastructure, new ways of producing and storing electricity, and a new Air Medical Services System offer opportunities for U.S. partnership and participation.  

Another tranche is devoted to improvements in rule of law so that businesses can rely on equal and fair treatment. 

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Additional information on specific projects, funding and timelines can be found at the RRP portal and the portal of public procurement: