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Bulgaria National Cancer Plan

In order to access the EUR 4 billion budget that the European Union has allocated for actions addressing cancer through Europe‚Äôs Beating Cancer Plan, the Bulgarian government must develop a national program or strategy outlining its proposed actions to combat the disease that annually strikes over 35,000 people within its borders.  Progress on a new National Plan to succeed the 2014-2020 Program has been slow, offering U.S. services and technologies providers a window of opportunity to display and promote innovative solutions that influence the direction of the Plan.

The Commercial Service is staging a Medical Technologies Virtual Product Pitch (VPP) that will provide access to private and public-sector decision-makers and buyers in Bulgaria (in addition to Romania, Hungary, Czechia, Poland, Ukraine, and Turkey) to showcase technologies that will boost the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The VPP will give U.S. firms a chance to both pitch their cancer combating technologies and services directly to users but also an opportunity to promote their efficacy for inclusion in a new national plan and help #CloseTheCareGap.

More information on the Medical Technologies VPP and how the Commercial Service in Bulgaria can help U.S. companies that can deliver cancer-specific healthcare solutions, please contact