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Bulgaria was a leader in the production of microelectronics and electronics during the socialist period from 1946 to 1989 as part of the Union for Economic Mutual Assistance (SIV) but suffered a decline in the industry due to lack of investment, outdated equipment and inability to compete with the global market.

In 2023, Bulgaria does not produce microchips, but specializes in automation of chip production and software tools for optimizing production processes. The country is home to many small companies that produce small electronic devices, design and engineering. In addition, there are several significant players that develop and produce a range of products, including robots, automation modules, microchips, electronic sensors, and cash registers with their own semiconductors.

Thanks to the European Commission plan to invest $50 billion in semiconductor technology by 2030 under the European Chips Act, Bulgaria has the potential to attract new capital. U.S. companies that manufacture and supply semiconductor equipment can explore opportunities for engineering and advanced manufacturing of lithography machines, photoresist coating, microchip packaging, integrated circuits, memory chips, microprocessors, and sensors for Bulgaria. They can also offer consulting services and technical expertise to Bulgarian semiconductor companies, including assistance in process optimization, quality control, product design, and testing methodologies. 

The country has a highly skilled workforce and competitive labor costs, which can attract investment in the industry. The greatest opportunity for Bulgaria’s semiconductor industry lies in the development of automotive chips.

Despite the challenges faced by Bulgaria’s semiconductor industry in the past, the European Chips Act creates opportunities for global companies to invest in Bulgaria. With the right investments and partnerships, Bulgaria can revive its once-thriving semiconductor industry and become a major player in the global market.

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