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Bulgaria Cybersecurity

Bulgaria has been actively involved in countering malign influences and attempts at security breaches in 5G and cybersecurity projects. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation in Bulgaria, leading to an increased demand for cybersecurity solutions and services. The government is currently investing in IT security for the National Hybrid Cloud, e-health systems, telecoms and banks, creating opportunities for cybersecurity vendors and service providers. These projects aim to enhance the country’s cybersecurity infrastructure and create a secure environment for critical infrastructure. The government is also investing in a new type of fault-tolerant, redundant, productive and protected transformation of the information and communication infrastructure at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

U.S. cybersecurity companies can benefit from the demand on the Bulgarian market for expertise on cybersecurity infrastructures building and maintenance, cybersecurity awareness training, incident response planning, risk assessments, and compliance consulting. They can also offer secure cloud storage, identity and access management, and data encryption solutions for Bulgarian companies.

The EU Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) includes large-scale deployment of digital infrastructure; registry reform to support the e-government’s aim of growth and development of the business environment; and the digitalization of railway transport through the modernization of safety and energy-efficient systems along the railway network, including extending it to the Trans-European Transport Network. These projects aim to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of countering cyber incidents for the public and private sectors. 

The EU RRP envisages allocations for technological modernization ($140.1 million) and ICT solutions and cybersecurity in SMEs ($16.6 million). The allocations for ICT solutions will support the implementation of digital technologies in enterprises, as well as introduce measures to ensure the cybersecurity of enterprises. 

Bulgaria is creating a national cybersecurity team, composed of young people between the ages of 14 and 25. They will represent the country at the European Cybersecurity Championship (EU Cybersecurity Challenge – 2023). This initiative aligns with the government’s efforts to invest in cybersecurity and digitalization and create a secure and resilient environment for businesses and individuals by promoting cybersecurity awareness and building a skilled workforce. Through these actions, Bulgaria aims to enhance its cybersecurity capabilities and protect against cyber threats.

Bulgaria is taking significant steps to enhance its cybersecurity capabilities and protect against cyber threats. By investing in the IT security of critical infrastructure, promoting the implementation of digital technologies, and building a skilled cybersecurity workforce, Bulgaria aims to create a secure and resilient environment for the government, businesses and individuals.

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