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Bulgaria Aeromedical Sector

Bulgaria is the only country in the European Union that does not have aeromedical services, which are necessary in situations requiring the quick transfer of injured patients, medical supplies, and medical teams to and from locations with difficult accessibility.  The capability to provide timely emergency medical care and transport to specialized hospitals within the “golden hour” (15-20 min.) correlates to a reduction in fatalities. Data has shown upwards of a 20% reduction in fatalities from road accidents, work accidents, and other injuries, as well as a decrease in hospital stays or sick leave when swift emergency medical care is implemented.  
In Bulgaria, six medical helicopters will be purchased to meet the demands of emergency aeromedical assistance, along with essential equipment. With an implementation term of 2022-2026, the total estimated budget to carry the plan is $60.7 million (BGN 119.2 million). Funds from the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan will invest $50.6 million (BGN 99.3 million), and the national co-financing will amount to $10.1 million (BGN 19.9 million). The cost of the helicopters, along with the training of the flight, engineering, and medical crew, will cost just over $52.6 million (BGN 103.3 million). Additionally, $7.4 million (BGN 14.6 million) is allocated for the development of the additional essential infrastructure, such as hangars, offices for the duty staff, and the 6 operational platforms, and the overall management of the project will be financed with a little over $0.5 million (BGN 1.1 million). Multiple tender drops are expected over the next 3-5 years. 
There are six planned zones for the deployment and construction of the bases within Bulgaria - Sofia, Dolna Metropolia, Balchik, Sarafovo, Bezmer, and Krumovo. Additionally, one of the project’s main concepts is to establish Sliven (Barshen Airport) as an operational base with a training and preparatory center for the personnel who will participate in helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS).   
HEMS will be provided indiscriminately and at no cost to all citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria.  
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