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Brazil Urgent Needs US Salt Supply

Brazil has an immediate need for U.S. salt supply of upwards of 100,000 tons per year, per company. Mining companies in Brazil are seeking U.S. supply of salt for processing Rare Earths.

Mining companies in Brazil are seeking as much as 100,000 tons of salt from U.S. suppliers for rare earth mining. Brazilian mining companies are currently searching for cost-effective shipping alternatives for salts used to extract rare earth minerals. Brazil’s northern region holds the country’s largest salt reserves but the vast distance required for overland transport severely inflates costs, making the final product much more expensive for mines located in other regions of the country. As a result, shipping salts from countries like the United States has become a viable alternative for mines in Southeastern Brazil.

There are numerous ports of entry in Brazil for sea salt or mined salt, including Santos in São Paulo, Itaguaí in Rio de Janeiro, or Salvador in Bahia. These locations are ideal to supply mines located in the southern and southeastern regions of the country.

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