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Brazil Smart Cities in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul

There are smart cities opportunities in Campo Grande and Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil.

As part of an upcoming Connected Smart Cities event in São Paulo, Brazil in September 2021, the U.S. Commercial Service is marketing opportunities for U.S. smart city solution providers in various cities throughout Brazil. 

Campo Grande is ranked as the 14th smartest city in Brazil in 2020 and is a growing agribusiness and paper production hub seeking to implement smart city solutions to facilitate urban mobility, good governance, and Internet access. U.S. companies interested in exploring opportunities to export a variety of technological solutions should consider taking advantage of Campo Grande’s recent investments in technology and the city’s momentum to become a regional business hub. 

Campo Grande is located in Brazil’s Central-West region, not far from the country’s borders with Bolivia and Paraguay. As of 2020, the city had an estimated population of 906,000, experiencing considerable growth from 1970 to the present. Nicknamed “Brown City” for the color of its fertile soil, Campo Grande is an important agribusiness hub for Brazil. While opportunities in agriculture and other primary industries remain abundant, the city is seeking to diversify its economy and become a center of technology and innovation. To improve the city’s business environment and urban mobility, Campo Grande recently implemented a number of solutions, including 30 free WiFi hotspots, improved urban illumination and new cameras and sensors to monitor traffic and wait times at bus stops. Finding additional solutions related to fiber optic Internet and urban mobility remain a priority for the city. 

During the meeting, Municipal Agency of IT and Innovation (AGETEC) director Paulo Fernando Garcia Cardoso addressed domestic and international participants and highlighted Campo Grande’s drastic changes in recent years, noting its robust goal to become a hub for strong and transparent governance through smart city solutions. U.S. companies interested in exploring a burgeoning market may find Campo Grande an attractive location and CS Brazil stands ready to help companies explore market potential in a number of industries across the country.  

Additional Connected Smart Cities webinars are being held throughout Brazil to promote cities seeking a wide variety of solutions. The annual national Connected Smart Cities event will be held both virtually an in-person in São Paulo on August 30 – September 2. For additional information on the regional and national events or other smart city opportunities, please contact Denise Barbosa (