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Brazil Rare Earth Mining Technology Opportunities

Mining companies in Brazil are seeking U.S. supply of innovative products and technologies for processing Rare Earths.

Brazil has an immediate need for U.S. supply of innovative products and technologies to be used in the exploration and processing of Rare Earths needed in areas that include oil & gas, telecommunication, energy, transportation, semiconductors and others.

Brazil has the third largest Rare Earths reserves in the world, with 21 million tons, but it is underproducing, due to the lack of technologies and innovation.

To enhance production, mining companies in the country are seeking innovative technologies for mines, such as Artificial Intelligence software for processing, prevention of failures, geological analysis, operation and maintenance of the mine and the fleet, as well as technologies for in-situ leaching, reprocessing and filtrating tailings, refining of products, implementation of solar plants in reclamation areas, and forestry management (to reduce vegetation suppression costs), among others.

Required port of entry in Brazil is Santos.

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