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Brazil Rare Earth Mining Equipment Opportunities

Mining companies in Brazil are seeking U.S. supply of equipment for processing Rare Earths.

Brazil has an immediate need for U.S. supply of equipment to be used in the exploration and processing of Rare Earths needed for permanent magnets used in wind turbines and electric vehicles, among many other applications.

Brazil has the third largest Rare Earths reserves in the world, with 21 million tons, mostly located in the Amazon rainforest region, Minas Gerais and Goiás state. The country has been exploring its rare earth resources, and there are ongoing efforts to develop these reserves into commercially viable operations.

Mining companies in Brazil are seeking equipment for mines and for dry stack and handling fleets, including bulldozers, shovels, trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, tractors, and others. U.S. equipment is considered by the local market as the most reliable.  

Required port of entry in Brazil is Santos.

Opportunities in the Brazilian mining sector are not limited to Rare Earths: Brazil is among the world’s leading producers of minerals as iron ore, manganese, bauxite, niobium, gold, kaolin, nickel, coal and phosphates.

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