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Brazil - Opportunity for Prefabricated Construction Firms

The City of Magé, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is launching a pilot project for planned communities. The city is planning over the next few years to build a series of complexes including hospitals, first aid stations, nurseries, restaurants, schools, and stadiums.  Interested parties should reach out to the U.S. Commercial Service for further details. 

The City of Magé, a 245,000 inhabitants municipality on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, through its Secretariat of Urban Planning and Housing, notified the U.S. Commercial Service office in Rio de Janeiro about their plan to build a series of complexes which will include hospitals, first aid stations, nurseries for up to 200 children, restaurants, schools, and stadiums. 

As a first step, the city plans to build a pilot prototype project with a hospital and a nursery. The municipality is looking for U.S. modular and prefabricated construction firms, which would be able to build facilities in less than 6 months.

According to the local regulation, foreign firms need to partner with local firms. This presents a unique opportunity for U.S. engineering, construction, and architecture firms to partner with Brazilian companies and enter this market. The prototype project will be followed by multiple tenders issued by the city of Magé. There is the potential this model could be replicated in other Brazilian municipalities.

Drawings are available upon request. For further details, contact:  Patrick Levy, U.S. Commercial Service Brazil ACE sector Specialist, at and Julia Milla, ACE Sector Assistant, at