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Brazil Oil and Gas Useful Tool To Identify Trends and Tools

Brazilian national oil company Petrobras maintains a Contract Projections website with historic data on its goods and service procurement. U.S. companies interested in the Brazilian oil and gas industry should take advantage of the resource for exploring potential opportunities for market entry. The website is available in English.

The website also lists existing contracts and their expiration dates by category of equipment and/or services. The list includes the contract amount, scope of work, and the supplier’s name.  Such information may prove extremely useful for U.S. suppliers looking to do business with Brazil’s major oil and gas player. Through this website, U.S. suppliers will also learn of the existing competition in Brazil.

In 2021, Petrobras accounted for 93% of Brazil’s oil and gas production. Its recently published 2023-2027 Business Plan calls for an investment of US$78 billion.

For more information on the Brazilian oil and gas sector, please contact the US Commercial Service in Rio de Janeiro.